A story inspired by cats and dogs.

Purina have a simple belief – pets and people are better together. And they have a clear vision to be 'the world's most trusted company in enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them'. In pursuit of this vision they recognised that to impact directly on their reputation they needed a clear and connected corporate story that could be applied to every conversation and communication.

Inspired by cats and dogs, the Purina Story is delivered though four captivating chapters -

Passion, People, Pride and Potential. It was introduced to every single Purina employee through a fully interactive, high octane conference. We created a simple, focused framework for communication that would bring clarity and connectivity. And built a plan that would ensure the Story was front of mind and tip of tongue for everybody inside and outside Purina. This work has given everyone in Purina the platform to talk with confidence, clarity and consistency about the incredible work they do. Every day, it takes them further on their journey to trust.