Values. With Gusto!

In 2014, with a refreshed strategy focusing on their 'power-brands', international expansion and continuing to deliver outstanding service to over 4 million customers, N Brown Group plc were undergoing change like no other. The board recognised that 'culture' and 'engagement' were key to the performance of the business. Values were of highest priority and we were presented with the challenge.

In 20 short weeks of intense discovery, workshops and interviews across brands and location, we created GUSTO!

Over a two-week period, through conferences and workshops, through building dressing and training sessions, the values were launched across the entire group. Today, they are alive and kicking and underpinning everything from the newly formed Customer Charter to the CSR strategy. From the new careers website to the onboarding site. They sit at the heart of the people strategy and 3,500 N Brown colleagues have taken GUSTO! to their hearts and minds.