Explaining the facts of life-changing work

Some businesses are so involved with their work that they don’t take enough time to remind themselves why they do what they do. To re-engage themselves with their real meaning. That’s where we can help: to help them define their true purpose beyond work and communicate their story inside and outside their business.

Celgene is a global pharmaceutical business whose purpose is changing the course of human health, and whose promise is always to put patients first.

They’d grown rapidly, had many successes over their 10 years in the UK & Ireland, and wanted us to define their story to help stakeholders and employees alike understand and engage with the importance of their life-changing work. And to do so in a way that focused on the truly human side of their story, revealing with emotion, but not sentiment, the reasons why they come to work every day. And why, as long as there are lives to be improved and extended, Celgene’s work is never done.