A brilliant business under the microscope

Making complex information easy to grasp and engaging is a skill we bring to almost every project. So, when global pharmaceutical business Celgene asked us to help them communicate the extent and importance of their own work - to their own people - we found ourselves going into microscopic detail and taking a big step into the world of the very small.

Most people in Celgene are aware of the successful treatments they have developed and the diseases they treat.

And yet their scientists are constantly working on new treatments for even rarer diseases, work that many Celgene people might be unaware of. But it’s work that should be talked about and celebrated.

At Celgene, every disease matters, every patient matters, every life matters. This campaign spotlights all of these - helping everyone in Celgene be proud of and motivated by the work they all do, fighting for every patient that needs a treatment Celgene can provide.