Attracting global talent to a global banking giant

Corporate storytelling can have many different purposes, from engagement to attraction. Barclays asked us to write the stories of several different strategic sites, with an emphasis on why top talent should want to work there.

We began with the story of life in Barclays’ Technology Campus in Cheshire, in which we defined a strong proposition - Redefining the Future of Finance. We were then asked to view Barclays’ sites in Northampton, Glasgow, Whippany, USA, and Prague through the same lens.

Each site has its own culture and its own unique specialities, but all of them play a vital role in Barclays’ vast and important global operation.

Because we were privileged to have access to the thoughts and feelings of key people in each location, we were able to build a true, clear picture of what it means to work at Barclays generally, and at these unique sites in particular. So that when we presented their stories back to them, they were able to proudly give us the response we always look for: "Yes, that’s really us."